Planting Seeds of Intention

I always feel fresh and vibrant with the New Year. It helps that my birthday lands just after cracking open a fresh calendar (yes, I still use an appointment book and pencil). Not a good birthday if you’re one who likes parties, but fantastic if, like me, you are an eternal optimist who thrives on new beginnings.

I learned years ago that making resolutions usually leads to failure. With a resolution you either succeed or fail.Ā  I found instead, planting seeds of intention allows me to nurture growth and make room for expansion. It allows me to flow with the current but retreat to the shore when I need rest. In my garden, some seeds will sprout, some will be tilled under and some will thrive. And like my garden, my life is cyclical not linear. There is no race to the finish, no great accumulation of resolute accomplishments, but seasons within seasons, and, with each season, my intention flowers will bear different fruit.

This year I’m planting seeds of communication, a voice for the divine feminine, and a focus on harmony rather than discord. Every thought is a new beginning. Every step alights the path of spirit. When I look over my shoulder, it’s to examine what worked, what I got right. I’m letting my problem solving smock fall away and dressing up in a fine new gown of hope.

So with this, I welcome all you beauties, my Sisterhearts, who find my blog. I hope you’ll jump in and share your voice. Open your heart and your spirit to the collected wisdoms we all hold. Together we are strong. The time has come for our voices to be heard. the time has come for us to stand in the authentic nature of our spirit.

Welcome to Sisterhearts.

Author: sisterhearts1

I've arrived at an age where standing quietly in the shadows doesn't serve me. Standing in the light of the divine feminine and speaking/writing my truth is as vital as breathing. So here I am, feeling a bit naked as I open a small portal into this superhighway of high speed communications. I don't claim to be a wise woman, but a seeker of heart and spirit, a collector of wisdoms. Since I was a young girl, I've felt spirit in the natural world. I've always stood in the balance of science and magic. Now as I approach another decade, the light of that magic lives in my heart. I find joy in getting older and believe there is great value in the wisdoms we carry. Recently remarried after raising three fiercely beautiful girls on my own, I am now a member of a collective voice of grandmothers and I love this new role.

6 thoughts on “Planting Seeds of Intention”

  1. How wonderful that you started this! I’ve been wanting to do some connection with other women about the Divine Feminine, so thank you for starting the conversation! I look forward to your inspiration, and interacting with the comments and sharing of others!

    Your post reminds me of the purple card I received at the service on Sunday. “The hand writes and passes on, but the writing remains; and the only thing that can erase it is writing of a different character.” Ernest Holmes, SOM text page 153. I went on to read the section – it’s about cause and effect. He says, “Before our prater is framed in words, God has already answered, but if our prayer is one of partial belief, then there is only a tendency toward its answer; if the next day we wholly doubt, then there is no answer at all.” He also says “It is most worthwhile to commune with Spirit – to sense and feel It. The approach to Spirit is direct… through our own consciousness.”

    For me, I take this as a reminder to set the intention, and then meditate and connect with God within, to help cement the intention into consciousness and therefore to manifest it in my experience. Refreshing and renewing my practice is one of the intentions I’m setting… peace and blessings…

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  2. Every morning when we wake up we are given a brand new day with no mistakes in it. An opportunity to do right. So take this day and do one thing really well- even if only properly cleaning your teeth!

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