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Okay, my friends, let’s get real for a moment. Who among us has not had to draw up a knee when we sneeze or cough? A minor inconvenience, or potential embarrassment, that most women who have had children or are of a “mature” age have experienced more than once. Unfortunately many women experience more than just a minor inconvenience. Pelvic and core weakness can lead to serious issues including  incontinence, uterine or bladder prolapses, lumbar pain, etc.

“The Pelvicore Pro is an innovative exercise tool designed for COMPLETE Pelvic Core Training.
The Pelvicore Pro Training program will enhance your Pelvic Core Function, improve mobility and strengthen your entire CORE! Whether you are a Fitness Professional, recovering from surgery or have issues with weak Pelvic Floor muscles,
The Pelvicore Pro is the ONE TOOL SOLUTION designed just for you!”
Pelvic Solutions LLC
A litany of injuries left me with a weak core. Lumbar pain has limited every aspect of my life from playing in my garden to playing with my grandchildren. I’ve had to limit my long standing yoga practice, put aside my love of hiking and curtail waiting adventures. Anyone that knows me, knows this is not acceptable. I’m vivacious by nature and tenacious. I have worked hard to overcome these challenges, but every time I’d start to move deeper into strengthening I’d re-injure.
My fitness trainer, Pam Markee – a graduate of the Gray institute, introduced me to the Pelvicore Pro created by one of her colleagues, Christina Christie at Pelvic Solutions, LLC.

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It’s a simple tool to help strengthen the whole core as a unit. Most exercises work individual muscle groups which, in my case, kept causing more instability and pain in my back, feet and legs. Using PelviCore Pro, I’m gradually building strength without causing harm. I love the feeling of happily sore muscles and the hope that comes with progress.

The brilliance of PelviCore Pro is, as we strengthen the pelvic and core muscles, we strengthen the muscular and fascial integrity around the organs of elimination and childbearing. So, young or old, woman or man, recovering from injury or advanced athlete, the PelviCore Pro is a perfect add to any physical therapy or workout.

Author: sisterhearts1

I've arrived at an age where standing quietly in the shadows doesn't serve me. Standing in the light of the divine feminine and speaking/writing my truth is as vital as breathing. So here I am, feeling a bit naked as I open a small portal into this superhighway of high speed communications. I don't claim to be a wise woman, but a seeker of heart and spirit, a collector of wisdoms. Since I was a young girl, I've felt spirit in the natural world. I've always stood in the balance of science and magic. Now as I approach another decade, the light of that magic lives in my heart. I find joy in getting older and believe there is great value in the wisdoms we carry. Recently remarried after raising three fiercely beautiful girls on my own, I am now a member of a collective voice of grandmothers and I love this new role.

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